Error Codes

Error Code Description
101 Ok
102 Bad request
103 Invalid Developer Key/Client ID
104 The requested class does not exist
105 Invalid request
106 Data/parameter missing
107 Method Not Implemented/Found
108 Too many requests
109 Request Time-out
110 Permission denied
111 You are not authorized to use invoke/use this method
112 Admin validator is not valid.
113 This investor already has finance account.
114 This issuer already has finance account.
115 This offer already has finance escrow account.
116 Offering purchased successfully.
117 The purchase was not successful due to some error(s).
118 Offering closed successfully.
119 Error in close offering.
120 Error in cancel offering.
121 Text field missing.
122 Enter valid phone number. The format should be ###-###-####.
123 Enter valid search keyword.
124 Enter valid email id.
125 Enter numeric values only.
126 Enter valid percentage(%).
127 Enter valid URL. The format should be
128 Enter valid date. The format should be MM-DD-YYYY.
129 Enter valid state code. For ex: If your state is Texas, then enter TX
130 Enter valid Zip code(numbers only).
131 Enter the last 4 digits of SSN.
132 Enter valid bank account number.
133 Issuer ID is not valid.
134 Reference ID is not valid.
135 Investor Account is not EXIST / ACTIVE.
136 Issuer Account does not exist.
137 Escrow Account does not EXIST / ACTIVE
138 Offering ID does not exist.
139 Upload image files only i.e png,jpeg/jpg,gif
140 Please check your file name/Upload valid file extensions.
141 Document ID/URL does not exist.
142 Investor financial account is not EXIST / ACTIVE.
143 Investor Echo sign document not Signed.
144 Investor Financial Account Echo sign document not Signed.
145 Investor Echo sign already Signed.
146 Suitability is not exist/active
147 Issuer External Account does not exist / Nickname mismatch.
148 Account is not exist/active.
149 Investor External Account does not exist / Nickname mismatch.
150 Request already raised for this account.
151 Suitability already exist/active
152 Request Id not exits.
153 Invalid related entry type.
154 Account Id and Customer Id does not match.
155 Request has been submitted already for this offer.
156 Execute Fund Move method was not yet invoked for the given offeringId.
157 Enter valid phone number.
158 Enter valid phone number length.
159 InvestorStatus should be Self Accredited / Verified AI.
160 investorId/clientID does not match
161 issuerId/clientID does not match
162 offeringId/clientID does not match
163 Offer doesn`t have enough shares.
164 No institution assigned for this customer.
165 Investor KYC status not verified.
166 No questions generated for this customer.
167 Wallet error.
168 Type is invalid.
169 No wallet record found for this type
170 Enter valid tokens.
171 Wallet contract creation error.
172 Provider ID does not match
173 This Offer was closed
174 AML Status not verified for an Account
175 Linked Party AML Status was not verified
176 Sorry contract related functions are for other wallet is restricted.
177 Default Provider Not Assigned
178 There are transactions in this escrow account. Please contact Technical Support to proceed further.
179 External Fund Move Record does not exist.
180 Contract error.
181 No contract record found for this type.
182 Investor financial account is not EXIST / ACTIVE.
183 Account does not have enough funds.
184 Contract will be created & we will update once contract created.
185 Not enough token in from wallet address.
186 Change All trades to FUNDED Status
187 Change All trades to PROCESSED Status
188 Trade Account does not exist
189 Trade Id does not exits
190 Trade status should be in CREATED
191 External fund move has been invoked for this trade
192 Token error.
193 Send Token error.
194 Trade Id you entered is not an ACH trade
195 Investor Accredited status manually verified.
196 Investor KYC status manually verified.
198 Party Account does not exist.
199 PartyId/ClientId does not match
200 First Entry Party does not exist.
201 First Entry Entity does not exist.
202 Related Entry Account does not exist.
203 Related Entry Party does not exist.
204 Related Entry Entity does not exist.
205 First Entry Type and their value and Second Entry Type and their value should not be the same value
206 This link has been already exists.
207 Account Rounting Number Not Valid.
208 File Move Script Error...
209 File Move Tristate Sftp Error...
210 ACH request already sent this trade.
211 Payment Provider is not EXIST.
212 No Tristate ACH record found.
213 Transaction Hash details does not EXIST.
215 Invalid routing number
216 Docusign account Id is missing.
217 Error in inserting accreditation widget.
218 Error in updating accreditation widget.
219 Accreditation details not found.
220 Request not raised for this account.
221 No one has reviewed this account.
222 Request not approved for this account.
223 AI verification document not generated for this account.
224 Tristate trade not in pending status.
225 No ACH details found.
226 No document found for this party
227 Custodial request already raised for this account
228 Custodial account request id is invalid
229 Custodial account does not exist for this account
230 No template found for this account
231 No document found for this account
232 Error in deleting party document
233 No AI document found for this account
234 ACH amount exceeds your maximum amount allowed for a single transaction.
235 No AI request found for this client.
236 Docusign is not signed.
237 Custodial account request form is not sent.
300 Error in delete offering.
304 Email ID already exits
305 Client Name already exits
306 Client id not found
307 AI token issued by Northcapital
308 Self created wallet token
309 No token issued from AI
310 Invalid token
501 Error in finicity token generation
502 Error in finicity customer generation
503 No Record Found
504 No Record Found
505 Institution updation error
506 Institution updation error
507 Finicity MFA Error
601 You have exceeded the API request limit for the day
602 You have exceeded the API Method request limit for the day
701 From wallet address not found for this type.
702 To wallet address does not EXIST.
705 Invalid Transaction Type(Ex: ACH,WIRE,CHECK,TBD).
706 Invalid Accreditation Widget Id.
707 Request Id does not exist..
708 Party Request Id does not exist..
709 Party Documents does not exist..
710 Distribution id doesn\'t exist ..
711 Distribution File id doesn\'t exist ..
712 Invalid Fund status type ex(Pending,Submitted,Settled,Returned,Voided)
713 Tristate trade should not be pending or cancelled status.
714 No Credit Card trade record found.
715 Account CreditCard details doesn\'t exist/active .
716 No Credit Card ACH record found.
717 No Distribution ACH record found.
718 Invalid Fund status type ex(Pending,Submitted,Settled,Returned,Voided)
719 Tristate trade should not be pending or cancelled status.

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